Create products with respect for nature, using innovative methods and modern scientific research. We believe that health and beauty are in harmony with nature.

Natuir Detox - immune system support
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Welcome to the world of NATUIR

We use only the healthiest and most essential ingredients to nourish the body. All active ingredients are selected so as to most effectively deliver them to every cell of the body.

Our production facilities are located in Slovenia – an environmentally friendly European country with a unique climate, located between the Julian Alps and the sea, rich in forests, crystal clear lakes, waterfalls and rivers.

Our experts work hard to bring you holistic products of the highest quality. Our formulas use patented ingredients to ensure they are effective and easily absorbed by the body, even at low dosages.

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Our focus is on health, as the harmony of physical, spiritual, intellectual and social quality of life. With NATUIR you will open a new world of health and beauty.

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Natuir Detox - vegan capsules


NATUIR is based on patented science and advanced technology. We create products that provide maximum effectiveness and rapid impact on the body. The high bioavailability of the active components makes them as beneficial as possible for your body.

NATUIR PAX - vegan nervous system support
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